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Synonym(s): mentee; protégé Synonyme(s) :
Term(s) to avoid: Terme(s) déconseillés :
Domaine(s) : éducation élémentaire et secondaire; éducation postsecondaire : orientation professionnelle

"People helped to reach their career and life goals by mentors."


Définition :

Personne jumelée à un mentor, qui bénéficie de l'aide de celui-ci pour acquérir des compétences, accroître sa confiance, ses aptitudes et ses chances de succès dans la réalisation de ses objectifs personnels et professionnels.

Source: NTE inspired by International Centre for Mentoring. Mentoring International 3,3 (1989). Source :


Context(s): "The mentor helps the mentee socialize into the profession, provides support, criticism, feedback and assists in career planning." Contexte(s) :
Source(s): Mentoring, First Step on the Leadership Ladder. Reporter. Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association 11,3 (1985). Source(s) :

People often confuse mentoring and coaching. Though related, they are not the same. A mentor may coach, but a coach is not a mentor. Mentoring is “relational,” while coaching is “functional.” There are other significant differences.

 Coaching characteristics:

  • Managers coach all of their staff as a required part of the job
  • Coaching takes place within the confines of a formal manager-employee relationship
  • Focuses on developing individuals within their current jobs
  • Interest is functional, arising out of the need to ensure that individuals can perform the tasks required to the best of their abilities
  • Relationship tends to be initiated and driven by an individual’s manager
  • Relationship is finite - ends as an individual transfers to another job

Mentoring characteristics:

  • Takes place outside of a line manager-employee relationship, at the mutual consent of a mentor and the person being mentored
  • Is career-focused or focuses on professional development that may be outside a mentoree’s area of work
  • Relationship is personal - a mentor provides both professional and personal support
  • Relationship may be initiated by a mentor or created through a match initiated by the organization
  • Relationship crosses job boundaries
  • Relationship may last for a specific period of time (nine months to a year) in a formal program, at which point the pair may continue in an informal mentoring relationship

 Definition of Mentoring, Benefits of Mentoring, and Other FAQs. 

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Renvoi(s) : VOIR «mentor», «mentoring» et «mentorship».
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