FlashInfo, the Network’s new electronic newsletter, is published and distributed to members monthly, with information on upcoming events, recent terminology discussions on our Lnorte email discussion list, and on other facets of the Network’s life and activities.

FlashINFO replaced our bilingual newsletter En bons termes / On Good Terms in 2012; this printed publication, launched in 1994, was sent to members by regular mail once or twice a year. The decision to switch to a fleeter and more frequent publication was made to take advantage of the new possibilities offered by the Internet, and to take into account the ever busier schedules of our members.

All past En bons termes / On Good Terms issues – which dealt with usage, style, vocabulary, terminology and translation problems, as well as grammar, and plain language – have been archived as PDF files on our web site. Members have access to them in our Members’ Area.

Interested non-members are invited to contact us to request a free copy of either publication.