The NTE has a new mailing address

The Canadian Teachers' Federation has graciously offered our Network to use their address as its mailing address. We are deeply grateful to them. We invite you, from now on, to use this new address to write to us: Network of Translators in Education […]

2018 Annual General Meeting: well attended, both in person and online

On April 28, 2018, the NTE held its annual general meeting at the headquarters of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation. Roughly 15 people attended, most in person, but several in the comfort of their home in Regina and Lavaltrie, as the Federation graciously allowed us […]

2017 NTE Merit Scholarships

On September 29, 2017 -- International Translation Day -- the NTE awarded scholarships to the following two students, chosen among the best students entering the last year of a bachelor’s program in translation at their institution: Mathieu Fleury, student at the Faculté des lettres et […]

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