The NTE’s Direction

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee (CC) administers NTE operations. The CC’s regular duties are to prepare the agenda for meetings, manage requests for information, maintain membership lists, administer the NTE’s funds, and generally coordinate activities; other responsibilities are short-, medium- and long-term planning, and public relations.

Composition of the Coordinating Group (2020)

President: Lucie Leblanc
Vice-president: Andrée Sirois
Treasurer: Marie-Hélène Larrue
Secretary: Pénélope Mallard
Administrator: Dominique Nanoff

NTE Merit Scholarships Coordinator: Marie-Hélène Larrue

The scholarship coordinator oversees the selection and awarding of the merit scholarships attributed each year by the Network; the laureates are selected annually among the best students enrolled in a translation school at one of Canada’s universities, on the recommendation of the schools’ management.

Internet Coordinator: Eric Schvartz

The Internet coordinator oversees the Network’s web site and its presence on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, given the wide geographical distribution of its members, the RTE makes extensive use of electronic discussion and information lists (listservs) in support of its activities, notably for terminology and translation-related discussions, for information on the activities of the Network and its partners, as well for its committees’ work.