NTE Merit Scholarships

Since 1990, the Network has been awarding scholarships to outstanding students. Now worth $1,000, the scholarship is awarded annually to one of the best students entering the last year of a bachelor’s program in translation at the following institutions, as selected on a rotating basis: Concordia University, Glendon College (York University), McGill University, Université Laval, Université de Moncton, Université de Montréal, Université du Québec en Outaouais, Université de Saint-Boniface, Université de Sherbrooke, and University of Ottawa.

Through these prizes, we hope to reward, support and motivate those who will follow in our footsteps. To be eligible, candidates must be full-time students, as well as Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Recipients of the NTE Scholarships

Year Institution Recipient
2019 Glendon, York University Véronique Widner
2018 University of Ottawa
Université de Sherbrooke
Dara O’Connor
Isabel Cyr
2017 Université Laval
Université de Saint-Boniface
Mathieu Fleury
Natacha Houde
2016 Concordia University
Université de Montréal
Florence Marcotte
Ian Beauregard
2015 McGill University
Université de Moncton
Université du Québec en Outaouais
Berdj Garabedian
Geneviève Landry
Camille Godais
2014 University of Ottawa
Glendon College
Geneviève Madore
Simone Stiermann
2013 Université de Sherbrooke Éric Touchette
2012 Université de Saint-Boniface Christine Paillé
Université Laval Catherine Lemay
2011 Université Concordia Carmen Ruschienski
Université de Montréal Samantha Leclair
2010 Université de Moncton Véronique Duguay
Université du Québec en Outaouais Jean-Michel Pedneault
2009 University of Ottawa Gabrielle Garneau
Collège Glendon Elisabeth Desbiens
McGill University Elisa Riveiro Vázquez
2008 Université de Montréal Marianne Girard
Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface Geneviève Faucher
Université Laval Natacha Michel
2007 Université du Québec en Outaouais Christian Ruel
Université Concordia Sarah Burns
Université de Moncton Beverly McLaughlin
2006 University of Ottawa Jonathan Lavoie
Collège Glendon (York University) Virginie Langlois
2005 McGill University Maya Geneviève Cholette-Tetrault
Université de Montréal Ariane Morin Dénommé
2004 Université Laval David Fortier
Saint-Boniface Evelyn Falk
Université de Moncton Christian Roy
2003 Concordia University Stéphanie Pagé
UQO Élisabeth Vu
2002 University of Ottawa Daniel Renaud
Laurientian University Amy Marie Pineault
Glendon Geoffrey McGuire
2001 UQH Marie-Louise Tinant
Concordia University Louis-Félix Binette
2000 Laurientian University Marie-Josée Proulx
Glendon Véronique Protoy
University of Ottawa Stéphanie Beaulieu
1999 UQH France Pigeon
Concordia University ????
1998 Laurientian University Josée Campeau
Glendon Sarah Day
University of Ottawa Denis Fossberg
1997 Laurientian University Zinnia Harrison
Glendon Carole Pines
University of Ottawa Sarah Tasset
1996 Laurientian University Jennifer Sima
Glendon Gregory Guzik
1995 Laurientian University Lisa Hawke
University of Ottawa Chantal Buchanan
1994 Laurientian University Kelley Gravelle
University of Ottawa Angèle Aubin
1993 Laurientian University Suzanne Gammon
University of Ottawa Lucie Langlois
1992 Laurientian University Jocelyne Lambert
Glendon Alain Vallée
University of Ottawa René Morin
1991 Data Missing
1990 Data Missing