In 1985, a group of translators, revisers, terminologists and writers working for various educational organizations launched a network known as the Network of Translators in Education (NTE).

There are now more than 80 of us, representing more than 30 employers and translation firms. We work in the following five sectors:

  • elementary and secondary education;
  • postsecondary education;
  • government organizations and agencies;
  • professional associations;
  • independent translators.

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Our Mission

The NTE focusses on its members’ professional and personal development, and its aims are:

  • to research the French and English vocabulary of education, to clarify, update and standardize it;
  • to make the results of this research available to as wide an audience as possible;
  • to expand the skills and knowledge of its members through workshops and lectures;
  • to serve as a channel of communication and mutual assistance for its members; and
  • to help budding translators through a scholarship program and a series of information sessions.

When, where and why we meet

We gather alternately in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa for an annual general meeting some time in April or May. We also organize various networking activities where members take part in terminology sessions, reference-sharing, and brainstorming groups for translation challenges.

Conferences and workshops led by both guest instructors and Network members top the agenda, along with plenty of opportunities for informal discussions and socializing.

The Network Makes its Presence Felt

In 1993, the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) recognized the innovative nature of the Network by selecting our founding president, Liliane Vincent, as the recipient of the first-ever ATIO Award for her contribution to the development of the language professions.

Fresh Ideas, Not Complacency

We continue to devote ourselves as energetically as ever through mutual assistance, professional development, linguistic research, meetings, scholarships… and now the Internet.

We’ve make full use of the power of technology. For instance, as well as communicating personally by e-mail, members can now call on all their colleagues at once for help by sending a message to our listserv Lnorte. Looking for inspiration to help you find an original expression? Can’t quite hit on exactly the right word — and you don’t have three weeks to think about it? Someone among the 80 or so subscribers to our listserv is bound to be able to come up with an answer to your problem, often in less than twenty-four hours.

Our on-line terminology databank, which contains all our published Recommandations terminologiques. is freely accessible to all.

Whether you’re a professional translator, a writer, a language expert, a teacher, a student or simply someone interested in education, the Network of Translators in Education has something for you!