The special September issue of the FlashINFO newsletter is now available online!

L’EducWiki, un lieu de rencontre terminologique qui ne dort jamais is a special issue presenting the NTE’s EducWiki, a wiki dedicated to education terminology. In this issue, you will find information on how to use the wiki and how to work on a terminology record.

The September issue of the NTE’s FlashINFO newsletter is out!

This back-to-work issue of the newsletter contains the president's note to the members, a brief summary of the presentation of our EducWiki project by Philippe Caignon, professor at Concordia University, to the International Federation of Translators' XXth World Congress in Berlin, and a pressing call for help […]

The May issue of the NTE's FlashINFO newsletter is out!

It contains a summary of the Annual General Meeting of the Network of Translators in Education, held April 25, and of the René-Sirois Lecture, where our EducWiki project was presented, a project to use the wiki environment to facilitate online collaboration in terminolgy. Members can […]

Seminars of the Editors' Association of Canada

The Editors' Association of Canada (EAC) organized many professional development seminats across Canada. Check whether some of the ones taking place in your region might interest you at

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